How to paint a house properly?

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How to paint a house properly?

To ensure the best coverage, remove dirt and dust accumulated in the house with a pressure washer. It is essential to scrub thoroughly before painting any exterior surface. It removes dirt and broken paint residues that prevent fresh layers from adhering and removes mold that grows on paint in all but the driest climates. Most contractors clean with pressure washers, but in the hands of someone not familiar with the equipment, they can tear off wood, break glass, and spill water behind coatings and moldings. In addition, investing in a professional gutter cleaning like Gutter Cleaning Palo Alto CA is also part of the preparation if you don't want the water to be the reason why the paint will get easily damaged. 

Using a hose, a sprayer with a pump and a scrub brush is slower but safer and just as effective. As the dance progresses, keep an eye on the weather. Rain can remove newly applied latex directly from the wall, and a drop in temperature below 50 degrees F two days after application can interfere with adhesion and cure and dull the gloss of glossy paints. Latexes such as Duration by Sherwin-Williams and MoorGard Low Lustre by Benjamin Moore are formulated to tolerate temperatures as low as 35 and 40 degrees, respectively.

If you want to save money (and dive into a DIY project), you should consider tackling the house painting project yourself. If most of the paint still adheres well and doesn't have too many potholes, the boundary between the paint and the bare wood can be smoothed with 50 or 80 grit sandpaper. Before painting a house, clean surfaces with a hose and remove splintering paint with a wire brush or paint scraper. For paint roller covers, purchase affordable quality roller covers and discard them at the end of each painting session.

If your house has a flat roof or even large flat sections, use a paint roller and extension pole to cover those sections quickly. Now that you understand the basics of how to paint the exterior of a house, you can decide if it's a project for you. Washing your house by hand is the most efficient and laborious way to clean your house. These are tricks, tips and recommendations that will help you paint your house efficiently, effectively and with less effort.

If the house has not been painted for many years or if there will be a big change in color, it is necessary to prime the entire house. So, unless the top coat is pure white, you may need to apply an additional coat of paint just to hide the lighter colored primer. Then, start by painting the coatings with a brush, roller, or paint sprayer, making sure you work from top to bottom. Seal paint cans by cleaning the inner ring, placing the lid back on the paint can, and gently tapping the entire perimeter of the lid with a rubber mallet.

If you find that you need to remove all the paint from the house, it's time to hire painters or a team to remove the paint mechanically. If your house is rich in architectural details, the time spent on spray paint will pay off many times over.

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